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About our Injury Prevention & Post Rehabilitation Programs

An individualized program assessing muscle imbalances, R.O.M. throughout all major joints, muscle suppleness, proprioception and basic nutrition/supplementation.  

Sessions are one-on-one with a certified personal trainer. If you are following a post rehabilitation program, please supply our trainers will photocopies of all exercises, medications, and supplements that your general practitioner/specialists have prescribed.

Following your initial consultation, you will be scheduled for a full assessment (blood pressure reading, body composition, cardiovascular test, strength test, flexibility tests, muscle imbalances and girth measurements).

Once your short and long-term goals are established, your trainer will guide you through a program that is specific to your needs. You will receive a written copy of your program(s).

How often will you meet with your trainer?

Depending on your goal orientation and your comfort level with your program, you and your trainer will discuss what is suitable for your needs.